To take the Ocean Spray brand online, we created several web videos featuring everyone's two favorite cranberry growers. (Part of an integrated campaign that won a silver Effie. Director: Pete Favat)
Elementary school kids across America learn about cranberries and how they're harvested. So, we created the Ocean Spray kids' site in conjunction with school curricula to help make learning more fun. The site features an original cartoon series (illustrated by me), starring Wonderberry, a cranberry who thinks he's a superhero, and Wade, a strong, silent pair of hip waders.
We also created The Jiggly Sauce Game as part of Ocean Spray's Thanksgiving campaign. It's similar to Dance Dance Revolution, where players make the iconic Ocean Spray canned cranberry sauce jump and jiggle to the music.
To help promote Ocean Spray's Diet products, we spent a few days with Richard Simmons and created a microsite with tips for living a healthy lifestyle. Remind me to show you the outtakes.


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